Administrative • Social Media • Creative Design

Calendar Management:  Scheduling appointments and meetings.  Providing you with a weekly agenda and keeping you up-to-date on changes.  Notifying attendees and providing reminders.

Email Management:  Maintaining and organizing your email to ensure timely response by you or on your behalf.  Setting up response templates, filtering spam email.


Bookkeeping: AP Invoice processing and follow-up. AR Invoicing, payment processing and reconciliation. Collections.

Customer Communication & Management: 
Response to customer inquiries. Personalized interactions based on customer data, escalation of complex issues to proper department or staff member. Feedback collection and analysis. Relationship development.


Travel & Meeting Logistics: Arrange air/ground transportation, housing, meeting space and catering. Create agenda’s, presentations and print collateral and arranging shipment of tangible materials to venue.


Digital Document Management: Create and maintain an organized system for online storage and retrieval of critical documents utilizing Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or similar.


Expense Management & Reporting: Tracking expense receipts for cash & credit card purchases.  Creating and maintaining monthly expense and P&L reports as required.


ResearchResearch specific topics for use in reporting, marketing, blog or other social media content.  Creating pertinent deliverables as requested.


Transcription:  Transcribing from voicemail, video, podcast audio or other recorded media.


Creative Writing & Editing:  Extensive writing & editing for blog posts, articles, manuals, reports, course content, scripts, press releases etc.


Human Resources: Recruiting, Phone/Video Call interviews.  Creating SOPs and Policy & Procedure Documents.  Employee Orientations (Virtual).  Benefits Management.


Personal Assistance: Purchasing gifts on-line for clients/family/friends.  Managing acknowledgement of Birthdays, Anniversaries, Sympathy or other occasions.  Writing Thank You notes.  Scheduling personal appointments.


Office OrganizationAnalysis and creation of an organized structure for office operations. Includes analysis, classification and assignment of tasks. Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), tasks automation through the use of technology for more efficient work flow.


Social Media Content Design:  Create relevant, visually appealing social media graphics and copy based on your company voice and message.  Delivered to yoy well in advance of planned posting date.


Social Media Management: Social media page set-up including brand header graphics, social media strategy including proposed scheduling calendar.  Pre-publishing all scheduled content. Weekly engagement.  Creation of graphic content and copy writing that reflects company message and drives engagement.


Branding:  Brainstorming sessions to establish company’s voice, messaging and visual identity. Guidance on logo design, brand color selection and marketing collateral creation with several rounds of robust revisions. Final brand presentation and style guide.

Creative Design:  Creatively designed web graphics, social media content, print collateral (business cards, tradeshow media, rack cards, brochures etc.).  Deliverables can either be provided in digital format or we can arrange for printing and delivery (client pays all costs of printing and delivery).

Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.